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Booking the tickets with us and Get a free shuttles in park (save 15/p.p.), guarantee 100% success  for all booking,  package tickets with cable car or Slide will have discount rate.
Pricing: From USD 6/per person
Policies:100% payment required if successfully booked

Discounted Great Wall Tickets


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The Mutianyu Great Wall 
Admission booking service
Ticket Package
Entrance tickets + shuttle in park + Round trip cable car/Ropway + slide down
SAVE RMB 15-20 per person
Pricing of ticket package
A: admission + shuttle = $6/p.p
B: admission + shuttle + round-trip cable car = $25/p.p.
C: admission + shuttle + ropway up + slide down = $25/p.p.
D: admission + shuttle + cable car up + slide down = $25/p.p.
E: admission + shuttle + cable car up or down(single trip)=$20/p.p.
F: admission + shuttle + ropway up or slide down(single trip)=$20/p.p.




Opening Hour:

November 16th - March 15th 8:00 - 17:00;  March 16th - November 15th,7:30 - 18:30

Official price: 

Admission: RMB 40/p.p.(entrance fee); Shuttle:RMB 15/p.p.(round trip transfer to or from uphill); Cable Car: RMB 100/p.p. (single way); RMB 140/p.p.  (return),Chairlift or Slide (Toboggan): RMB 100/p.p.  (single way), Chairlift + Slide (Toboggan): RMB 140/p.p. (return). Please note Child under 1.2m for free ride, child above 1.2m is the same price as adults.

Way to visit:

There are 3 ways to go up to Great Wall. likewise same to down.
1. Hiking up the Great Wall about 40 minutes - to the 10th or 8th tower.

2. Taking ropway up to the Great Wall - to the Nr.6th tower.
3. Taking cable car up to the Great Wall - to the 14th tower

Hiking Advisor(just for reference)

Round trip by cable car,from 14th-22th tower. ropway up/cable car up and slide down,from 14th-6th tower,walking up totally Self-Guided ,free and easy to walk as your wish.







Services & Pricing

How to book ?

To book this tour at least 10 minutes in advance to the admissions of the Great Wall , We need your Full Name, Passport number Tour date, Number of toursit, submit this basic Quick Reservation or Enquiry form right. and we'll get back to you by email  within 12 to 24 hours. for urgent booking please call us at (+86)13501111604 or add our WeChat ( 7:00 am - 11:00 pm everyday Beijing time)


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